Do you want to reduce admin and overhead costs for your charity?

Be fiscally responsible! Do you want to able to report to your donors the smallest possible percentage of overhead costs?
Find new ways to raise funds! Do you turn down gifts in kind because they don't line up with what you need?
Make more impact! Do you want to direct MORE donor dollars to your end cause?
Join a revolution! Do you want to be a part of a movement that is revolutionizing the charitable sector?

BarterPay It Forward Foundation is a registered charity that provides new, innovative funding to charities across Canada.

BarterPay is Canada’s largest & fastest growing B2B barter system.  We help 1000’s of businesses turn their downtime and idle inventory into giving.

We’re on a mission to team up to create millions of dollars in brand new giving which will strengthen charities and allow them to impact more lives.

We do this by leveraging an elaborate bartering system made up of businesses that use TRADEdollars® to buy & sell with one another and in turn give some of their funds to our Foundation.

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Here’s How Your CHARITY Will Benefit:

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Just click the "I'm A Charity Looking For Support" button below and fill out the application to see if your charity qualifies for the program.

Team Up

Team up with us, once your application is approved, to receive immediate donations. You need something? We cover 75% of your bill.

Do Good

With access to thousands of dollars in new funding, you can now dramatically increase your social impact.

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BarterPay It Forward, the Show

Stones Into Dog Kennels: The GIVING Series The GIVING Series - 1

How do you turn armour stones into dog kennels? In this show, follow the BarterPay It Forward Team as they magically turned armour stone and landscape material into dog kennels for the Lincoln County Humane Society! Real life superhero business owners taking their extra stuff and time and turning it into giving.

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It’s okay, we know what you’re thinking:
How can businesses bartering with each other help my charity?

We sell extra inventory and available downtime from businesses to other BarterPay members who purchase using TRADEdollars®, not money.

We encourage the BarterPay members to donate some or all of those TRADEdollars® to our Foundation.

We then distribute the TRADEdollars® to all member charities on an as-needed basis.  You tell us what you need from the system and we’ll fund the purchase.

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Kim Rossi, Director, Pathstone Foundation

“BarterPay It Forward has been amazing for us. We were about to spend cash, but instead, BarterPay It Forward funded wine for our gala and printing services by directing TRADEdollar donations our way. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership!”

Bruce MacDonald, CEO Imagine Canada

"BarterPay It Forward will make a meaningful difference to Canadian charities. By creating a market place for in-kind giving, they're lifting the barriers to millions in donations each year that have traditionally been turned down."

Guy Mallabone, CEO Global Philanthropic

"BarterPay It Forward provides an innovative, new channel for philanthropy. By growing the number of donors through a barter economy, Canadian charities are better positioned to deliver on their mission."

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Be a part of creating $10 million worth of giving this year!


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