Are You Ready Ramp Up Your Superhero Status?

Wow, thank you so much for clicking on this and choosing to read the first EVER post on BarterPay It Forward®! We cannot contain our excitement about what is happening here!  Why? Because this movement is going to touch every area of life!  We know it. We have already seen it work so far with $2 million dollars going from BarterPay It Forward® to charities across Canada!

If you are passionate about your cause and want to get funding so you can do even more….this is for you. If you are crazy about the environment, or babies, or protection for women, or teen moms, physical health, and…and….this is for you. BarterPay It Forward® touches everything.  It can impact every part of life if you want it to and with the help of amazing people like you who are choosing to join the movement, we can literally change the charitable world and impact it by the millions!

If you are passionate about your cause and want to get funding so you can do even more….this is for you.

Are you ready to get more funding so you can be even more of a superhero?  We know you’re already a superhero to your community but what if you could take the resources you’ve been given and multiply them?  Over the next couple of decades, the charitable sector is going to change dramatically.  Donations just aren’t coming in like they used to.  The next generation isn’t going to donate like their parents are right now.  Here is Bruce MacDonald, CEO of Imagine Canada, talking about what is happening:



There’s a HUGE need for new creative thinking. Why can’t someone invent a way to fill in the gaps and answer the decades-old problem of gifts in kind? You don’t want to deal with stuff showing up at your door you can’t use and then having to deal with it.  What do you do with it?  Now you have to sell it to get the money you need or figure something out.  Well that problem is solved. All because there’s now a system in place to turn idle inventory, excess time and space that literally every business has and turn it into giving.  They can donate their gifts in kind but you don’t have to worry about what on earth you’re going to do with them!  Instead BarterPay It Forward® takes those gifts and turns them into things you actually need for your charity! We fill in those empty spots at restaurants, those empty hotel rooms or we take inventory sitting in a warehouse not being used and generate instant value that then is donated and charities can use it to renovate, to do printing, to buy new beds, to fix your roof, to buy things to sell at your auctions, galas, fundraisers so you can hire more counsellors or buy supplies, food, ….the list is endless!

It’s an incredible movement.  We hope you watch the videos on the home page because they’re absolutely worth your time and they explain the whole thing in further detail.

So, here are action steps you can take to becoming a superhero:

  1. If you are involved with a charity, click that “I’m a charity looking for support” button!
  2. If you know a charity who needs help go tell them to click that button!

THIS IS IMPORTANT: spread the word, share this website on social media, subscribe to the Youtube channel where all our videos are and share the videos.  You don’t want to miss BarterPay It Forward®, the SHOW!  It’s awesome!  You can see step by step how the whole incredible process works and who is impacted.

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The more people know about this insane movement the better for everyone!  Help us change the way giving happens across Canada!