Why It’s Fiscally Irresponsible Not To Use BarterPay It Forward®

You are taking valuable time out of your schedule to read this and I’m thinking you are here because you were intrigued by the title of this post.  You also think it’s a bit cheeky and maybe slightly shocking. But these words came out of the mouths of executive directors from actual charities, not from us. 

If you implement this tool into your repertoire, your donors will thank you.

Anytime the BarterPay It Forward® team sits in a meetings with charities, the charities inevitably say, “Not only is this a good idea, it would be fiscally irresponsible of us not to use this program!”  Those are strong words!  Why so strong?  Because they know the math works.  They cannot deny, once they see it laid out in front of them, that they’d be crazy to not want to save thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars a year.  And they know their donors would appreciate knowing they would do anything in their power to use the money entrusted to them to quadruple their value.  That’s what happens for charities who are part of the incredible movement of BarterPay It Forward®; a movement dedicated to taking businesses’ waste and turning it into giving.

Speaking of turning waste into giving…you are checking SO. MANY. BOXES when you take part in the program.  Why?  You are supporting a movement that uses waste, so its environmentally friendly.  It helps every walk of life, from babies, to animals, to battered women, to teens, to food banks…to every charity out there!  It is moving stuff and time that is going to waste and making it useful….and not just useful but massively impactful!. The bigger it gets, the more charities like yours can use it and the more people like you get to change lives!  It’s mind-blowing!  And then on top of all those boxes it checks, it also saves money so charities can do more.

Here’s just one of the many charities who are being helped by BarterPay It Forward®.  See why it’s so fiscally responsible to participate:


So, here are action steps you can take to get what you need:

  1. Click that “I’m a charity looking for support” button! Fill out the form and apply today.  We will be taking an unlimited number of applicants.  Shortly after applying we will contact you to let you know whether your charity qualifies for the program.  
  2. If you qualify, you will be assigned a personal broker, a concierge actually! Your concierge will look after you and get you what you need.  He or she will start helping you get things you need for your charity.
  3. That’s it!

Oops!  There’s more.  Everyone wants to be a superhero…I’m assuming!  Who wouldn’t?!

Here are action steps to becoming more of a superhero:

  1. If you know someone who owns a business, tell them they need to click the ‘I’m a business looking to give’ button!
  2. If you know a charity who needs help go tell them to click the charity button!
  3. Now enjoy your superhero status!

THIS IS IMPORTANT: spread the word, share this website on social media, subscribe to the Youtube channel where all our videos are and share the videos.  You don’t want to miss BarterPay It Forward®, the SHOW!  It’s awesome!  You can see step by step how the whole incredible process works and who is impacted.  

Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/BarterPayItForward                                                                                  


The more people know about this insane movement the better for everyone!  Help us change the way giving happens across Canada!